Magic Windows: Weather

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Publisher: Ladybird Books

Rain falls from dark clouds and makes puddles on the ground. The air moves to make the wind. And when sunbeams and raindrops fall together, they make a rainbow.

The weather is just one area of everyday life that children come to understand at a young age, and this useful and rather beautiful board book from Libby Burns is just the thing to start to explain the causes for some common weather. Managing to explain how rain comes about or how we get a rainbow in under ten words each time is no mean feat, but this book does it very well, illustrating the process too in well-engineered card sliders that assist children’s motor skills and introduce an interactive element.

The book is so pretty, in mostly primary colours with a very nice looking retro design and illustration, that it would look lovely on a nursery shelf, as well as be a delightful book to look at for little ones. It also features some characters of diverse heritage, and a character in a wheelchair.

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