100 First Words: With BIG Flaps to Lift!

Publisher: Nosy Crow


When toddlers are just starting to talk and learn new words, books like 100 First Words are invaluable. On each double-page spread, themed by the relatable topics of Farm, Outdoors, Animals, Home, Vehicles, About us and Bedtime, Underwood illustrates a variety of nouns – goose, rabbit, chicken, or ball, banana and chair, etc.

On each double-page spread, there are also two big sturdy flaps that little ones can look under: a bus reveals a diverse range of passengers and a welly boot reveals a sock. The illustration is bright and colourful, and the text is big, bold and clear.

A book like this will be a favourite with little ones for a good while as they listen to and repeat the words, learning pronunciation and what less familiar pictures mean. Adults can ask little ones questions as they look together – where is the rocket going? Who is on the bus?

A nicely produced, interactive book that will see lots of use!

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