The Moonlight Zoo

Publisher: Little Tiger

Eva has lost her cat, Luna. She’s been missing for two days and Eva is really worried. Yet, as Eva stares out at the moon, wishing for Luna to come home, she hears a noise under her bed and crawls underneath, finding The Moonlight Zoo, a place that keeps all lost animals safe at night.

Once inside the Zoo, Eva navigates her way through the Penguin Palace, Monkey Island and Wolf Mountain with the help of a wonderful grey wolf guide. Can she find Luna before morning comes?

This magical tale is enhanced with Mountford’s stunning high colour artwork and die-cut pages that encourage the reader to follow details and visual clues onto the next page. As well as being a visual treat, the story is a reassuring one with a happy ending, perfect for little ones that might have lost a pet. Even if they haven’t, it’s a sweet tale to share at bedtime with animal lovers.

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