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Published on: 19 February 2018 Author: Emily Drabble

We know that it can be difficult to move on from a favourite book or series - and that's definitely the case with the Rainbow Magic universe! So which books could Daisy Meadows devotees enjoy next? We've picked out some recommendations and you shared your ideas too...

Rainbow Magic Fairies

There are currently 228 Rainbow Magic: The Fairytale Fairies books by Daisy Meadows. So in truth, you might never actually run out of new ones to read!

But as deeply delightful as Eleanor the Snow White Fairy and Tiana the Toy Fairy may be, the time might come when parents, carers, teachers and young readers themselves are ready to wean themselves from this magical, candy-coloured world... at least temporarily.

So first of all, we need to work out what makes the world of Rainbow Magic so attractive to (let's face it, at least mainly) little girls aged five and up. We know the power of children seeing themselves in a book, which is why the call for diverse books is so important. With Rainbow Magic, girls can not only find a fairy that looks a bit like them, but they can probably even find a fairy with their own name or their friends' names - and that will be something to do with the allure.

They are also highly collectable and look lovely and glittery on the shelf. When you've only just learnt to read, the Rainbow Magic books are very accessible and fun to read at home, and you can perhaps boast of reading three or four books a week. Competitive Rainbow Magic reading is apparently quite the thing in Year 2 and 3... so which other books could possibly match up?

Secret Princess; Princess Poppy

For those who want glittery books for the same reading ability and similar themes

Go for Rosie Banks' sparkling Secret Princess series about two princesses who make dreams come true, starting with The Magic Necklace or her Secret Kingdom universe. You could also try Janey Louise Jones' Princess Poppy books, illustrated by Samantha Chaffey.

For those that can face a move a little bit away from glitter and towards animals...

Sammy the Shy Kitten

Start with something animal-ly and a little bit glittery too: Holly Webb's Magic Molly series (you could try The Witch's Kitten, for example). Then you might be ready to move on to her animal stories, like Sammy the Shy Kitten.

You could also try the Zoe's Rescue Zoo books by Amelia Cobb and Sophy Williams, and Linda Chapman's magical Star Friends series is lovely too. Or go for Helen Peters' sweet Jasmine's Adventures series, which starts with A Piglet Called Truffle, a heartwarming tale of a girl that raises the runt of a litter.

Ready for something else? You could read the truly heavenly Sophie Series by Dick King Smith, recently republished with illustrations by Hannah Shaw. Then you can move onto other Dick King Smith classics like The Sheep-Pig.

For those who want something a little bit similar for slightly older readers

Unicorn Academy; Bad Mermaids; Hope in a Ballet Shoe

Try Unicorn Academy: Where Magic Happens by Julie Sykes and Lucy Truman - at the time of writing this article, there are six books in this fun adventure series. Or Linda Chapman's rather thrilling My Secret Unicorn series.

If you think you could move on to mermaids, definitely go for Sibéal Pounder's hilarious Bad Mermaids. And later, perhaps try a bit of ballet: Michaela de Prince's moving and fabulous Hope in a Ballet Shoe and Noel Streatfeild's Ballet Shoes. 

For a recommendation from an expert...

We asked children's books expert Imogen Russell Williams for her recommendation on what to read after Rainbow Magic:

My 7-year-old daughter loves the Magic Trix books by Sara Grant, about a girl called Trix with magical powers who's hoping someday to become a fairy godmother. They have a lovely balance of humorous, down-to-earth themes - lots of friendship and family - and the excitement of magic that doesn't always go as planned!

Your suggestions

We had so many brilliant suggestions from you on social media - thank you so much! Here are just some of the recommendations you had:

The Dragonsitter; Artemis Fowl; Charm School

  • Children's book consultant @Jake_Hope was quick off the mark on Twitter with some fantastic suggestions: Josh Lacey's Dragonsitter stories ('witty and well-realised - offer humour and heart'), Eoin Colfer's 'sassy, stylish and sophisticated' Artemis Fowl series and Anne Fine's 'delicious' Charm School ('to subvert gender stereotypes'). 
  • Kate Saunders' books were popular with author Alison Brown, who tweeted: 'Leave the rainbow people behind and read Kate Saunders' Magicalamity for an eye -opener on what fairies are really like! While you're there, try The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop and The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix, also by Kate Saunders, equally magical.'
  • There can't be a better recommendation than what children in school libraries have loved! @ALibraryLady suggested the Wings & Co series by Sally Gardner ('an inspired choice', according to Jake) along with Tamara McFarlane's Amazing Esme books and Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi's The Spiderwick Chronicles. Meanwhile, @TanyaEfthymiou suggested that Tracey Corderoy's Hubble Bubble books will go down a storm: 'None on shelf - all on loan!'

Dotty Detective, Mango and Bambang, Mariella Mystery

  • As school librarian @bookloverJo pointed out, fans of Rainbow Magic might fancy reading about more excellent women! 'Kirsty and Rachel in the Rainbow Fairies are determined to defeat the goblins. For more series featuring determined girls I would recommend Clara Vulliamy's Dotty Detective series, Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy's Mango and Bambang series, and Kate Pankhurst's Mariella Mystery series.'
  • We were really excited to find out what's worked for your children and @thebookishmummy pulled through, telling us: 'My daughter loves her Rainbow Fairies - a large part of it is sorting and categorising them! We're now branching out to Amelia Jane [by Enid Blyton], Daisy by Kes Gray, Pamela Butchart's books, Tracey Corderoy's chapter books and current best favourite Isadora Moon by Harriet Muncaster. So many great books!' Aren't there, though?
  • More tried and tested suggestions came from @TraceyEnright81, who explained that her daughter has now moved on to Vivian French's Tiara Club, Rosie Banks' Secret Kingdom and Secret Princess series, Roald Dahl's books, the classic Winnie the Witch stories and the Magical Animal books by - that's right - Daisy Meadows. Sometimes you just need more Daisy!

Anna Hibiscus, Trapdoor Mysteries, Nixie

  • We got some great suggestions over on Facebook, too: Gillian  explained that her daughter loved the 'fabulous' Anna Hibiscus books by Atinuke, while Jessica  praised Lynne Reid Banks' The Fairy Rebel: 'Definitely a stage on and with some darker themes but so wonderful!'
  • Meanwhile, Estelle  backed Shannon Hale's Princess Academy, and Sherry-Anne had some great ideas: The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, The Cat and the King by Nick Sharratt, and Dean Hale and Shannon Hale's The Princess in Black books.
  • Still got room for a few more? Oh, go on then - publishing company Nosy Crow suggested the Rescue Princesses, Zoe's Rescue Zoo and Secret Rescuers books, while Cas Lester's Nixie series came recommended by @TanyaEfthymiou and @juliesykesbooks.
  • Finally, @KarenMcCombie suggested Tamsyn Murray's 'lovely' Tanglewood Animal Park series for animal lovers and Abie Longstaff's Trapdoor Mysterieswhile @BB_Taylor_ had high praise for Paula Harrison's stories: 'A firm favourite in our household.' And we think that should keep you going for a while...

What do you recommend reading after Rainbow Magic? We'd still love to hear, so keep letting us know on Twitter or on Instagram using the hashtag #WhatToReadAfter!

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