Bad Mermaids

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda are making the most of visiting land for the first time when a mysterious message urges them to get back to Swirlyshell at once. With their leader Arabella Cod mysteriously missing, evil piranhas acting as spies and new queen The Swan's sidekick Ommy Pike up to no good, can our three unlikely heroines - and a talking seahorse called Steve who lives in some false teeth - save the day?

Delightfully silly and often snort-worthy, fans of Sibéal Pounder's Witch Wars will revel in her new underwater world. Our heroines definitely aren't your standard mermaids - from the joy of burping bubbles to sly nods at shell bikinis - and young ones will cheer them on even as things aren't quite going to plan. With its subtle but heartfelt messages about feminism and the power of individuality, Bad Mermaids is surely the beginning of another hit series.

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