10 fantastic children's books about wildlife, chosen by Nicola Davies

Published on: 12 February 2018 Author: Nicola Davies

We know that the world around us is precious, but books can be a brilliant reminder of that.

Below, Nicola Davies - author of top titles including Lots: The Diversity of Life on EarthA First Book of Nature and Ice Bear - picks some of her favourite books about wildlife...

Nicola Davies' favourite books about wildlife

1. Can We Save the Tiger? - Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Vicky White (Walker Books)

A clear and beautiful guide to endangered species, how they got that way and what we can do to save them.

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2. The Wilderness War - Julia Green (Oxford University Press)

An exciting story about a group of children who fight to save their little patch of the wild from developers. It shows the vital role of nature in children's lives and empowers them to act on it.

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Can We Save The Tiger; The Wilderness War; Sky Dancer

3. Sky Dancer - Gill Lewis (Oxford University Press)

A grieving son finds a new direction for himself and his family by standing up to those who want to kill the hen harriers on his beloved moors.

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4. Coyote Summer - Mimi Thebo (Oxford University Press)

The wildness of coyotes gives a girl a new life - and new hope - in the wilds of Kansas.

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5. The Wolves of Currumpaw - William Grill (Flying Eye)

The true story of the wolf that turned a wolf killer into a wolf champion. Beautiful and unflinching, tragic and inspiring.

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Coyote Summer, The Wolves of Currumpaw, Yucky Worms

6. Yucky Worms - Viv French, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg (Walker Books)

One of the extraordinary Nature Stories series (it's worth seeking out all of these). A celebration of these small, simple creatures and their secret, wonderful lives beneath our feet.

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7. The Big Book Of Bugs - Barbara Taylor, illustrated by Yuval Zommer (Thames & Hudson)

A glorious romp through the world of invertebrates that's sure to raise a new generation of entomologists.

8. Nature Adventures - Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom (Lincoln Children's Books)

Packed with everything you need to know to spot, identify and enjoy wildlife on a ramble, this book is charmingly and accessibly presented for young naturalists.

Big Book of Bugs; Nature Adventures; Something About a Bear; The Lost Words

9. Something About a Bear - Jackie Morris (Lincoln Children's Books)

Huge, lyrical and gorgeous, very much like the animals it describes. This is a wonderful introduction to the fact that 'bear' means more than one animal. The paws on the back page will be a special favourite with small kids.

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10. The Lost Words - Robert Macfarlane, illustrated by Jackie Morris (Hamish Hamilton)

Robert's words create spells to conjure wild species back into our imaginations and Jackie's pictures beautifully portray the utter magic that is all around, accessible to even the smallest of us.

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