Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth

Publisher: Walker Books

Lots is a story-based introduction to the concept of diversity and how there are all sorts of different organisms living on our planet, from the enormous to the teeny tiny, and how there are probably more things alive than we even know about.

Emily Sutton's illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and the language used is simple and accessible yet captures a surprising number of ideas that will make readers look at the world around them with new eyes. Conservation is a key theme, the story touching on how living things interact and rely upon one another to survive, and how human activity is damaging this.

This is a book to pore and ponder over, from reading the story to picking out the different creatures in each picture, to reading the funny and fascinating animal names. Great for small people who like nature or for in-depth discussion in a primary school classroom.

Winner of the Picture Books category for the Independent Bookshop Week Awards in 2018. 

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