The Wolves of Currumpaw

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

In New Mexico in the late 1800s, the wolves that had once roamed the landscape of the Old West were becoming scarce because of the rising number of settlers to the area. In The Wolves of Currumpaw, William Grill tells the true and ultimately sad story of Lobo, a grey wolf and leader of a notorious pack that terrorised the Currumpaw valleys, and of Ernest Thompson Seton, a wolf hunter and eventual naturalist and founder of the boy scouts. The book ends by exploring the impact of Lobo's story on the conservation of wolves and provides recommendations for further reading on the subject, both books and websites.

Like his previous bestselling hit, Shackleton's Journey, The Wolves of Currumpaw tells a true story alongside two-tone colour pencil illustrations, perfect for children that enjoy a mix of story and facts. This is a perfect book for older children particularly interested in conservation, as younger ones might find the book a little too sophisticated. 

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