Mirror Magic

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Star Friends 1

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Maia's playing in the local woods when she meets an unusual little fox with bright indigo-coloured eyes. She's even more surprised when she finds she can hear him talk!

Bracken is a Star Animal who's been sent from the Star World to the human world because fewer and fewer children believe in magic. Bracken must find one who still does, and together they can help keep magic alive.

When Maia and Bracken become Star Friends, she discovers she has a special magical ability to see hidden things, but when the Star Animals sense dark magic nearby, she and her friends must track it down.

A really lovely idea - who doesn't want a magical animal friend who'll be there whenever you need help? A gentle adventure story with themes of friendship and kindness. A slightly scary twist towards the end, but the perfect next step for Rainbow Magic fans. Magical!

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