Dotty Detective

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Dot has a lot going on right now. Her family and dog McClusky have just moved house - and there are still loads of unpacked boxes!

When her new school organises a talent contest, Dot's pretty sure that class bully Laura is up to something. She's worried it could ruin everything for timid Amy - who's finally signed up to sing.

With the help of McClusky and new pal Beans, Dot sets about solving the mystery - plus the strange goings-on at home. Why do things keep disappearing?

Dot's a lively and robust character who always bounces back from setbacks. Her attempt to make the best of everything is refreshing and infectious.

The story unfolds through short diary entries, always in Dot's excited voice. (She's excited about stationery, shoes and even peas - to name just a few things.)

Vulliamy tackles big themes with a light touch in this fun and sparky chapter book about friendship, laughter and spreading a bit of kindness.

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