Sammy the Shy Kitten

Publisher: Stripes

Tiggy the stable cat hasn't been seen for a while, so Emma is relieved when she finds her, - and delighted to discover that Tiggy is now Mum to three tiny kittens.

Emma is besotted with the litter, especially the little grey tabby. Her Dad is quick to agree that adopting him would be a lovely thing to do. But Emma's mum is concerned that a half-wild cat wouldn't want to be a pet. Emma will have to prove that Sammy, the shy kitten, likes to be around people - and, most importantly, that he likes to be around Emma.

Webb's gentle little animal story is perfect for anyone with a new kitten. Emma has to be patient and thoughtful about the wellbeing of her pet. There's also a nice addition of an anxious friend who is unsettled around cats.

This is a sweet little book that bridges a reading gap before novels.

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