Daisy: Really, Really

Publisher: Red Fox

It's an exciting night for Daisy - she's having her first ever babysitter! Impish Daisy convinces Angela that she only eats chips and ice-cream for supper; her bedtime is at midnight; her mum prefers her to drink lemonade; she never has a bath; and she always sleeps in her clothes! Every time Angela asks Daisy if she is really telling the truth, Daisy replies 'Really, really.' 

So what should Angela tell mum when she enquires if Daisy went to bed at 8pm after a sensible supper and a hot bath? It's a really, really tricky decision for Angela…

Lively and comical illustrations accompany this appealing and entertaining story about a mischievous little girl who wraps her babysitter round her little finger, by telling a stack of fiendish fibs.

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