Brave as Can Be: a book of courage

Publisher: Abrams Appleseed

When she was little, the young protagonist of this charming tale was scared of all sorts of things. As she gets older, she finds effective ways to conquer these fears: at bedtime, she uses a night-light and wears super-powered pyjamas, so the dark no longer worries her. And the neighbour's dog is not as scary when she holds her mother's hand. She also recognises that sometimes fear can be fun - such as at Halloween or when dad tells spooky stories.

This attractive picture book encourages discussion with children about what frightens them. It provides a framework to express their emotions, and empowers them to recognise, articulate and overcome their concerns. Simple pencil line drawings in a limited selection of colours and peep holes on each of the sturdy pages create a fresh, quirky look.

Note: translated into American English (pajamas, neighbor, etc).

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