How to draw... a roly-poly flying pony called Kevin

Published on: 28 September 2018 Author: Catriona Wightman

Have you ever wanted to know how to draw a flying pony? This is your chance...

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre's latest collaboration The Legend of Kevin is a joyous story about Max, a young boy who has always wanted a pet.

When a flying pony called Kevin with a penchant for biscuits crash-lands on Max's balcony, he takes him in and the pair soon embark on some pretty incredible adventures.

It's another brilliantly funny story with a warm heart, and obviously a pony who enjoys a custard cream or two has won our affections.

Now, we're lucky enough to have some instructions from Sarah on how to draw Kevin ourselves!

Follow the steps below (click on the image for a PDF version) and make sure you share your doodles with us on Twitter or Instagram...

Instructions for how to draw Kevin by Sarah McIntyreRead our review of The Legend of Kevin


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