Go to the seaside with Nicola Davies and get inspired to write and draw

Published on: 23 September 2018

Author Nicola Davies takes us to her home in Wales and beyond, with a series of photos that show just how much nature inspires her...

Nicola has been a zoologist AND a former Wildlife presenter, so it's fair to say that the outdoors and nature have inspired many of her children's books. In fact, she recently wrote a picture book called A First Book of the Sea, all about the wonders of the shoreline. 

Follow Nicola around some of her favourite seascapes, and see if the photos help you and your child come up with stories of your own. 

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Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire – the beach I go to most often 

Everything on the beach has a story, and rocks have the oldest stories of all

Stories leave their imprints on the beach – an otter walked behind me when I wasn't looking, on a beach in the Hebrides 

Waves deliver all sorts of things to the beach, like this beautiful jellyfish 

Boats, especially ones with sails, are full of magic and the potential for adventures 

Limpets, barnacles and mussels have lives pulled by the moon – because the moon controls the tide!

Seals haul out to dry in the sun at low tide. Imagine what lives they lead under the sea

My sketchbook goes to the sea with me. Pictures help me remember places and help ideas to pop into my brain 

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