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Published on: 15 November 2017 Author: Liza Millett

We think picture books about books are brilliant, so we're thrilled to be able to give you a peek inside The Children Who Loved Books, an Australian gem by Peter Carnavas with a wonderful message.

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Meet Angus and Lucy, the book-loving children at the heart of Peter Carnavas's gentle, unsentimental celebration of books and their ability to bring people together.

Angus and Lucy don't have very much - no televisions, no fancy cars... not even a house. But they do have books, hundreds of them, crammed into every corner of their vintage caravan. When their books are taken away to make room in the home, the whole family discover just how much they need them.

'And because there was more space in their home, there was much more space between them all.'

Can a library book save the day and bring the family closer again? Of course it can!

Have a peek below at some of Carnavas's beautiful ink and watercolour illustrations... we're off to the library to grab a copy for ourselves.

The Children Who Loved Books is now available in a UK edition, published by New Frontier Publishing.

A peek at the pages of The Children Who Loved Books

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They didn't even have a house.

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But Angus and Lucy had books... hundreds of them.

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But things were not the same. Bowls slid off the table. Angus couldn't reach the window.

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They huddled beside the lamp and listened to the story.

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Angus and Lucy had all they would ever need... at the library.

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