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For ages 0-3 and up

Making Tracks: Park

Author: Cocoretto

Sia the squirrel is searching for nuts, vision impaired Duli is walking with his dog Diego, Pippa the park ranger is driving her truck and Su-Yin is riding her skateboard. A simple, colourful board book that babies and toddlers will love.

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This Little Piggy

Author: Jarvis

In this bright, fun counting book, pigs play bongos, eat potatoes, refuse to shower and do a fair amount of mud-swimming. Perfect for toddlers learning to count, but who maybe want a bit of fun along the way.

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For ages 4-5 and up

Talking is not My Thing!

Author: Rose Robbins

With speech bubbles, bright colours and characters so lively they leap off the page, this is a vibrant and happy book with a lead character who is non-verbal.

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Author: Uijung Kim

In Uijung Kim's fabulous book, young readers will learn about subway systems in 10 international cities. The bright illustrations bring underground transport to life for little ones at a time when many of them are obsessed with trains, trucks and cars.

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Lion Lessons

Author: Jon Agee

It’s not easy getting your lion diploma. The little boy who ventures into the Lion Lessons shop on the high street certainly finds it difficult to make his instructor happy – that is, until a neighbourhood cat is in danger…

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Would You Like a Banana?

Author: Yasmeen Ismail

The gorilla in this book is hungry, but she doesn’t want the banana she’s been offered. Except, when the banana is taken away, it suddenly becomes more appealing… Ismail’s take on fussy eating uses bold, expressive illustration and photography which brings a fun energy to what can sometimes be a frustrating experience for parents.

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The Proudest Blue

Author: Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Faizah sees her sister as a princess wearing her beautiful blue hijab, but not everyone at school sees it this way. Inspired by the experiences of Olympic medallist Ibtihaj Muhammad, this is a beautiful and powerful story about the bond shared between siblings and being proud of yourself and your beliefs. 

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Some Dinosaurs are Small

Author: Charlotte Voake

A small dinosaur goes wandering through the forest in search of fruit and leaves - but the group of big hungry dinosaurs with sharp teeth and fearsome claws who are following him are in for a surprise!

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For ages 6-8 and up

Keith Among the Pigeons

Author: Katie Brosnan

Keith the cat's natural affinity with pigeons mean he's teased by the other cats. Should he really keep trying to be something he's not? A healthy reminder that we shouldn’t feel obliged to be pigeon-holed but rather accept ourselves for who we are.

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Gut Garden

Author: Katie Brosnan

Microbes are tiny life forms you can only see with a microscope – but what do they do? And are they helpful, harmful, or both? Katie Brosnan describes a microscopic universe which marvels with its ingenuity, variety and scale. This is a wonderful and eye-opening guide to the smallest things in the world.

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Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Spiders

Author: Katie & Kevin Tsang Illustrator: Nathan Reed

Sam Wu has been working hard on his bravery, facing down dangerous sharks, ghosts and the dark – not to mention the annoying class bully who just won’t leave him alone. So when one of his teachers brings a tarantula into school, Sam definitely isn’t scared. And he really, really isn’t scared when he finds out later that day that the tarantula is on the loose…

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Ghoul Scouts: Welcome to Camp Croak

Author: Taylor Dolan

When Lexie finds herself at Camp Croak for the summer, she’s happily at home with the other ghoulish kids - but when Euphemia Vile, a big-haired Texan glamazon, steps onto the scene, it’s clear that she’s got an evil agenda.

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Catwad: It's Me

Author: Jim Benton

Catwad, a grumpy blue cat, is best friends with Blurmp, a relentlessly happy and pretty stupid orange cat. Togther they navigate the nitty gritty of life in the fine tradition of comic-book cats such as Garfield and Grumpy Cat. A really fun comic, very accessible and easy to read.

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Prisoners of Geography: Our World Explained in 12 Simple Maps

Author: Tim Marshall Illustrator: Grace Easton & Jessica Smith

Geopolitics – the study of how physical landscapes affect international relations – may not seem an obvious subject for a children’s book, but this new children’s version of an adult Sunday Times bestseller is a fascinating read. Pitched perfectly for eight to eleven-year-olds, this book will make younger readers look at maps in a whole new way.

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The Ice Bear Miracle

Author: Cerrie Burnell

As a child, Marv Jackson survived a polar bear attack on a frozen river - and when he hears about ice skater Tuesday and Promise, her skating polar bear, he's sure he knows them both from somewhere. Full of magic and snowy mystery, Cerrie Burnell's beautiful story spins legend and real life into a fairy tale of family and belonging.

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Too Small Tola

Author: Atinuke Illustrator: Onyinye Iwu

In this lovely collection of short stories, a young Nigerian girl - tired of the nickname ‘Too Small Tola’- proves that, despite her small stature, she has a mighty personality and a big heart.

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Poems Aloud

Author: Joseph Coelho Illustrator: Daniel Gray-Barnett

This dynamic collection of verse brings poetry alive, both for the reader and their audience. Perfect to encourage children to develop a love of poetry and performance.

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For ages 9-11 and up

Music is My Life

Author: Myles Tanzer Illustrator: Ali Mac

An illustrated guide to finding the soundtrack to the good, bad or sad times in your life.

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Queen of Darkness

Author: Tony Bradman

Rhianna and Eleri are taken in by Queen Boudica following the death of their parents. When Boudica's determination to rule enrages the Romans, the sisters find themselves in the midst of a frightening military campaign, beginning to question the Queen's very humanity. A gripping adventure portraying one of history's most legendary female icons.

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The Good Hawk

Author: Joseph Elliott

When Agatha and Jaime's clan is attacked, the two teenagers have no choice but to leave their remote Scottish island and venture into the unknown. A gripping historical fantasy full of suspense and adventure.

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Author: Ross MacKenzie Illustrator: Julia Iredale

When Lara discovers a mysterious wooden box in King's Landing, she's thrown into an adventure she could never have predicted. A magical tale full of peril and excitement.

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A Double Detectives Medical Mystery: The Cure for a Crime

Author: Roopa Farooki

When Ali and Tulip's surgeon mum starts acting strangely, it's up to the Double Detectives to solve the mystery.

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The Boy Who Fooled The World

Author: Lisa Thompson

When a famous artist visits his school and is impressed by his artwork, Cole's masterpiece is sold for thousands of pounds. Initially ecstatic, Cole begins to buckle under the media attention and pressure to produce another painting. Lisa Thompson's clever story is full of exciting twists and surprises, while also addressing feelings such as shame and a…

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The Collector

Author: K. R. Alexander

There are three rules at Grandma Jeannie’s house: never leave the windows open; no dolls in the house; and never, ever go into the woods. Ideal for readers aged 11+ who enjoy spooky tales about things that go bump in the night. Read on if you dare!

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Empire's End: A Roman Story

Author: Leila Rasheed

In 207 AD, how will a young North African girl survive amidst the unpredictability of life at the furthest reaches of the Roman Empire? 

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Demelza and the Spectre Detectors

Author: Holly Rivers

Demelza is a madcap inventor, but it turns out she’s something stranger – she can conjure up the dead! But who is kidnapping children? This is a fun and energetic story, containing some themes (such as raising the dead) which adults may wish to exercise caution before sharing with children.

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Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds

Author: Annabelle Sami Illustrator: Daniela Sosa

The mysterious disappearance of some diamonds at her cousin's henna party gives Zaiba the perfect opportunity to prove that she's just as good a detective as her Aunty Fouzia. An energetic adventure set against the background of a traditional Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony.

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Little Bird Lands

Author: Karen McCrombie

This sequel to Little Bird Flies charts a 19th century family's journey from Scotland to America. Shown through the eyes of teenager Bridie, their search for a better life leads them to a sometimes dangerous new world.

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Beyoncé: Queen of the Spotlight

Author: Ebony Joy Wilkins

From her early childhood to her rise in becoming one of the biggest international stars of all time, this account of Beyoncé's incredible life is packed with trivia, extra facts and the inspiring message that if you really want something to work, you'll make it happen.

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A Sprinkle of Sorcery

Author: Michelle Harrison

Betty, Fliss and Charlie live on a gloomy island with their dad and pipe-smoking granny, Bunny Widdershins - but when they find a strange girl in their garden, a mysterious quest ensues. The second book in the Crowstone series can be read independently from the first, as a different adventure within the same magical world.

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For teens (12+)

Deep Secret

Author: Berlie Doherty

A beautiful, sad and compelling story of an isolated community that must face the relentless advance of progress and a teenager who loses any sense of her own identity.

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Jane Eyre

Author: Tanya Landman

Charlotte Brontë's classic story is given a new lease of life in this smart, loving and accessible retelling for a new generation.

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Fearless! How to be your true, confident self

Author: Liam Hackett Illustrator: Mike Perry

A self-help guide for youngsters struggling with self-esteem, peer pressure or ‘fitting in’.

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