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For ages 0-3 and up

Let’s go home, Baby Chick

Author: Illustrator: Carolina Búzio

Can you help baby chick get home? A fantastic interactive board book with gorgeous illustrations of spring scenes and animals. Perfect for toddler hands. 

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Who’s Cute?

Author: Camilla Reid Illustrator: Nila Aye

An adorable book to read to a very cute little person, with felt flaps to lift and a mirror to find at the end. 

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Dinosaur's Wobbly Bottom

Author: Kit Frost Illustrator: Sam Rennocks

A cheeky and interactive board book all about dancing, wobbly dinos!

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Hen in the Bed: A funny split-page counting book

Author: Katrina Charman Illustrator: Guilherme Karsten

This charming version of the classic counting song “Ten in the Bed” features a cast of adorable animals all doing the bidding of the rather bossy hen, who realises right at the last minute that maybe shedoesn’t want the bed to herself at all… 

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Panda & Penguin Find a THING

Author: Zehra Hicks

Two animal friends find a mysterious THING which has the power to distract them from each other, but they ultimately realise that their friendship is more important.

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Strong Like Me

Author: Kelechi Okafor Illustrator: Michaela Dias-Hayes

Kamara is strong and fast. But negative words from her friends make her doubt herself. Can she find a way to celebrate her strength? This heart-warming picture book celebrates the many ways to be strong, and to be yourself.  

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Author: Tom Percival Illustrator: Richard Jones

This heartfelt, profound book by award-winning picture book makers Tom Percival and Richard Jones is a subtle and beautiful reminder to all of us that using our voices to stand up for what we believe in is important, both for the collective, but for the individual too.

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Wake Up, Trucks!

Author: Jodie Parachini Illustrator: Teresa Bellōn

This lovely, bright book with a fun rhyming text will delight little ones who love vehicles, diggers and trucks. There’s lots of detail here about all the fun things trucks do – focused on a building site as a type of workplace that will interest little ones, with the clear, understandable outcome of building houses.

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Ten Green Bottoms

Author: Barry Timms Illustrator: Mike Byrne

Ten green alien bottoms bounce around, causing mayhem. Based on a well-known song, and with buckets of humour and a light counting theme, this is a very enjoyable read.

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Mummy and Me

Author: Lydia Bright Illustrator: Jojo Clinch

Etta and Mummy Elephant are a Terrific Team of Two, enjoying adventures together. A charming picture book that celebrates imaginative play and single mothers.  

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Dim Sum Palace

Author: X Fang

A delicious adventure celebrating food and family. Unusual and quirky, but delightful. 

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It's Time to Hush and Say Good Night

Author: Chitra Soundar Illustrator: Sandhya Prabhat

Follow a father and child in an imaginative journey towards bedtime. Based on traditional Indian lullabies, this rhyming book is ideal for bedtime. A feast for the senses.

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For ages 4-5 and up

Black Girls: A Celebration of You

Author: Dominique Furukawa Illustrator: Erika Lynne Jones

gloriously upbeat lyrical love letter to Black girls all over the world.

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Donut Feed the Squirrels

Author: Mika Song

Two squirrels want donuts for breakfast – how will they get one? A delightful graphic novel with gentle humour for younger readers.

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Croaky: Search for the Sasquatch

Author: Matty Long

Croaky Hopper is a frog who’s keen for adventure. So he’s thrilled to go on a Woggle Scouts camping trip. But will they find the mysterious Sasquatch? Colourful, funny and full of action. 

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For ages 6-8 and up

Astrid and the Space Cadets: Attack of the Snailiens!

Author: Alex T Smith

Every night, six-year-old Astrid transforms into a Space Cadet, an intergalactic helper who zooms across the universe to solve problems and assist those in need. This fast-paced, funny chapter book is accompanied by magnificent black-and-white illustrations.

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Stitch Head: the graphic novel

Author: Guy Bass Illustrator: Pete Williamson

Stitch Head is surrounded by terrible creatures, both inside and outside Castle Grotteskew. And he must protect the monsters... A terrific graphic novel full of action and atmosphere. 

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Author: Hannah Pang Illustrator: Isobel Lundie

Explore the different layers of a variety of habitats with this beautiful non-fiction book, featuring interactive layered pages.

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Hotel for Cats

Author: Marie Pavlenko Illustrator: Marie Voyelle Translator: Anna Brooke

When Wolfgang the cat arrives for a two-week stay at a feline hotel, he seems frightened to leave his room, so the four resident cats do everything they can to make him feel welcome. This light-hearted chapter book is full of gentle humour and features charming black-and-white illustrations.

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Wales Book of the Month

Red Sky at Night, Poet’s Delight

Author: Alex Wharton Illustrator: Ian Morris

A vibrant collection of poems from Children’s Laureate Wales 2023-25, celebrating nature andwordplay. 

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How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

Author: Brooke Barker

This fascinating non-fiction book features a wealth of fun facts about a range of animals, along with information about some of the ingenious methods scientists have devised to study them. Packed full of colourful, amusing illustrations, it is sure to appeal to budding scientists and anyone with an interest in animals.

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Hercules: The Diary of a (Sort Of) Hero

Author: Tom Vaughan Illustrator: David O'Connell

Hercules' plan to play it cool when he starts secondary school goes awry when he becomes a target for the school bully. With the arrival of his estranged Greek father, Hercules' popularity surges, but at what cost? With a generous smattering of Greek mythology, this laugh-out-loud tale explores the nature of friendship, love and loyalty with a perfect mix of…

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For ages 9-11 and up

Bookmark Book of the Month


Author: Elle McNicoll

A powerful book about a neurodivergent protagonist taking a stand against bullying and hypocrisy. 

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Irish Book of the Month

Pirates of Darksea

Author: Catherine Doyle

When Max answers the call to join Captain O’Malley’s pirate ship instead of his brother, who’s ill, it’s the start of a rip-roaring fantastical adventure. A page-turner that will have children gripped and moved.  

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A Drop of Golden Sun

Author: Kate Saunders

A classic-feeling storyset in the 1970s about filming a Hollywood movie. 

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Pirate Academy: New Kid on Deck

Author: Justin Somper

With short, punchy, accessible chapters and all the classic pirate tropes, from sword fights and cannons to climbing the rigging and even fire down below, this adventure story is ideal for newly independent readers. 

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Black Hole Cinema Club

Author: Christopher Edge

Be prepared for a reading experience unlike any other. From a stunningly original beginning, this adrenalin-fuelled sci-fi adventure will have readers on the edge of their seats right to the last page.   

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Marvin and the Book of Magic

Author: Jenny Pearson Illustrator: Aleksei Bitskoff

When Marvin discovers a book which grants magic wishes, he decides to use it to secure a win at the school talent show. This hilarious, heartwarming chapter book features superb black-and-white drawings and is aimed specifically at dyslexic and reluctant readers.

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The Whisperwicks

Author: Jordan Lees

In this haunting fantasy adventure, a parallel world is ruled by a terrible monster and citizens are controlled by fear and a legion of masked Hanged Men. 

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The Secret of the Moonshard

Author: Struan Murray Illustrator: Vivienne To

Domino discovers that she's a powerful Wizard and is the only one who can stop the moon – the source of all magic – from being destroyed. This epic magical adventure, with larger-than-life characters and clever plot twists, will have readers on the edge of their seats.

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Secrets of the Snakestone

Author: Piu Dasgupta

This intriguing mystery combines experiences of Paris in the late 1800s with the myth and folklore of India. An exciting adventure with just a sprinkling of ancient magic.   

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