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For ages 0-3 and up

Tummy Time Farm

Author: Louise Lockhart

Let’s say hello to the farm animals! A bright and charming board book that will help baby’s development, as well as being a great tool for shared fun.

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Look Out! Hungry Snake: A hide-and-seek flap book

Author: Paul Delaney

This lovely lift-the-flap book – with good, thick pages and flaps–  is colourful and playful, and introduces little ones to a selection of animals and their noises or actions.

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Wales Book of the Month

Dwylo’n Dawnsio

Author: Editor: Erin Meek Illustrator: Sioned Medi Evans

A fun introduction to traditional Welsh nursery rhymes, showing actions to join in with and including an English translation at the back.  

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Are You A Sleepy Monster?

Author: Guilherme Karsten

It’s sleepover time for little monsters – and the monster in this book is very excited to welcome readers to their special monster den under the bed. They are a little confused to realise that readers may prefer to sleep on top of the bed, however, AND that they don’t have special monster pyjamas. Most odd.

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Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea

Author: Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Everyone is reading their favourite comics in the supermarket: the peas are loving the most recent issue of Mean Bean, and the veggies are gripped by the adventures of Kindly Kiwi.

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L is For Love

Author: Atinuke Illustrator: Angela Brooksbank

L is for Love and L is for Lemons... A warm and joyful picture book which follows one familas they journey to the bustling Nigerian city of Lagos to sell lemons at the market.

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The Best Eid Ever

Author: Sufiya Ahmed Illustrator: Hazem Asif

Eid al-Fitr is Aisha’s favourite festival. Every year, her family hide gifts in a treasure hunt for her Aisha and her brother Samir to find. But between the chaos and celebrations, will Aisha ever get her presents?

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Measuring Me!

Author: Nicola Kent

This charming non-fiction picture book takes a fun and whimsical look at the important early learning concept of measurement. Features a colourful, illustrated size chart that little learners can pull out and colour in themselves!

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For ages 4-5 and up

Wild Book Day

Author: Karl Newson Illustrator: James Brown

It’s Wild Book Day, when all the pictures escape from the books. What fun they have! This is a book to make children leap about with excitement, but also to encourage a love of reading. Fun-filled book joy! 

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The Great Henna Party

Author: Humera Malik Illustrator: Sonali Zahra

Noor’s cousin is getting married and Noor’s family is throwing a henna party to celebrate. Noor is especially excited to play the ‘henna name game’ – when you choose a loved one’s name to be hidden in the henna. A heart-warming tale of tradition, family and love.

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Dr Roopa’s Body Books: The Brilliant Brain

Author: Dr Roopa Farooki Illustrator: Viola Wang

A simple introduction to the way the brain works, with gorgeous bright illustrations. Ideal for young, curious children.  

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For ages 6-8 and up

Murray and Bun: Murray the Viking

Author: Adam Stower

Best friends Murray the cat and Bun the rabbit are magically transported back to Viking times, where they become troll hunters. This hilarious comic caper, which is generously illustrated throughout, is the first instalment in an exciting new series for independent young readers.

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Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery

Author: Laura Ellen Anderson

When young moth Marnie Midnight enrols at Minibeast Academy, she and her new friends, Floyd the bee and Star the ant, embark on a perilous lunar adventure. The first in an exciting new series, this imaginative, bug-sized tale is richly illustrated and full of humour.  

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Finding Hope

Author: Nicola Baker Illustrator: Rachael Dean

While staying on her aunt and uncle’s farm, Ava helps to nurse an abandoned, newborn lamb back to health. However, she keeps making mistakes and wonders if she’ll ever be good at anything. A heart-warming chapter book for junior readers. 

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Peng and Spanners

Author: Steve Webb

Peng and Spanners are wannabe superheroes, so when the head teacher’s pizza place is stolen, they must catch the culprit! A very silly graphic novel, or comic book, full of action and humour. 

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Time Travellers: Adventure Calling

Author: Sufiya Ahmed Illustrator: Alessia Trunfio

A fascinating time-travel adventure exploring the politics and history of suffragettes. 

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Weird and Wonderful Nature

Author: Ben Hoare Illustrator: Kaley McKean

Discover more about strange and fascinating species and behaviours, with colour photographs and bite-size facts. Perfect for fact-obsessed children who aren’t squeamish.  

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Where Magic Grows

Author: Onjali Q Rauf Illustrator: Katarzyna Doszla

Short stories perfect for bedtime reading. 

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How Families are Made

Author: Dr Amir Khan Illustrator: Donough O’Malley

All families are different, and all are special! A friendly guide to the diverse range of families, and how they might begin. 

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Don’t Panic! We CAN Save the Planet!

Author: James Campbell Illustrator: Rob Jones

A guide to saving the world, packed with humour, brilliant illustrations and top tips. 

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Bookmark Book of the Month

Reggie Houser Has the Power

Author: Helen Rutter

A touching, light-hearted book about finding confidence and friendship.

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Irish Book of the Month


Author: Pádraig Kenny Illustrator: Steve McCarthy

A powerful re-imagining of Frankenstein that provokes empathy and compassion. Compelling and thrilling.  

Read more about Stitch

For ages 9-11 and up

Dreamstalkers: The Night Train

Author: Sarah Driver

When everyone’s dreams disappear, and shadowy nightmares take overBea is flung into magical adventure full of peril. A fast-paced, complex fantasy.  

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The Clockwork Conspiracy

Author: Sam Sedgman

Isaac’s life is thrown into disarray when his dad mysteriously vanishes from the belfry of Big Ben. As they search for him, Isaac and his friend Hattie uncover a sinister plot which threatens Time itself. A fast-paced mystery, which will have readers on the edge of their seats.  

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Aliya to the Infinite City

Author: Laila Rifaat

Featuring flying carpets, sphynxes, invisibility cream, knowledge turbans and a genie who has been trapped in a cookie tin for 152 years, this exciting fantasy adventure story also includes snippets of the rich history of Egypt. 

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Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls

Author: Phil Hickes

Set in a 1980s boarding school, a clever plot takes the atmosphere in this tense ghost story from intriguing to quite creepy then through spine-tingling to moments of complete terror.  

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Middle School and Other Disasters: Worst Broommate Ever!

Author: Wanda Coven Illustrator: Anna Abramskaya

Heidi is off to boarding school – where she’ll have secret magic lessons! But will she ever get on with her broommate? Funny and relatable, with bags of charm. 

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Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Author: Nora Dåsnes Translator: Matt Bagguley

Tuva is torn between two friendship groups – those who fall in love and those who don’t. But where does she fit? Charming and reflective of many a ‘tween’s experience.  

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The Den

Author: Keith Gray

The story of teenage boys navigating friendship and family in summer holidays. 

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On Silver Tides

Author: Sylvia Bishop

What would you endure to save the life of someone you love? This stunning and original fantasy adventure explores the clash between the ancient wisdom of amphibious humans and the desire to protect an innocent child. 

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