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For ages 0-3 and up

Uh-oh Niko: Bedtime

Author: Chris Chatterton

A sturdy board book with sliders to push and flaps to lift, starring a sweet bear called Niko.

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Ten Little Ducklings

Author: Lucy Rowland Illustrator: Aki

A delightful and interactive rhyming book for little ones which uses the Ten Little Ducklings rhyme, but invents a variety of exciting adventures for the ducklings instead, asking readers to play hide and seek with the adorable little ducks. 

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Happy as a Lamb: Choose Your Mood, Express Your Feelings

Author: Illustrator: Teresa Bellón

Happy as a Lamb is a really clever and well-thought-out board book, but it’s really more of a tool for enabling communication about feelings with children which feels fun and has a toy-esque quality that children will love. Highly recommended. 

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Can You Find My Eid Presents?

Author: A. M. Dassu Illustrator: Junissa Bianda

Hana can't find the family's Eid presents! She looks everywhere – will she find them in time for Eid? A fun search-and-find story.

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Wanna see A Llama?

Author: Simon Philip Illustrator: Ian Smith

Two children are out and about in a city, looking for llamas. One of the children issupposedly a llama expert, but will the children find one? Funny and interactive.

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Counting Sheep

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Nikki Dyson

Sam the farm dog tries to settle the animals down at bedtime, but they are full of energy and in no mood for sleeping. An entertaining picture book which will help young readers develop their counting skills.

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I'm Fine, Thanks!

Author: Jono Ganz

Little One is finally big enough to go on a day out with her friends - and she's determined to be grown up and look after herself, even when things start going terribly wrong! But whether you're chased by a sausage-hungry dog or encounter some intergalactic friends, it's always ok to ask for help - no matter how big you are.

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Bookmark Book of the Month

The Invisible Story

Author: Jaime Gamboa Illustrator: Wen Hsu Chen Translator: Daniel Hahn

A beautiful translated picture book celebrating braille.

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Irish Book of the Month

The Golden Hare

Author: Paddy Donnelly

Paddy Donnelly’s lovely book – inspired by a unusual type of hare found on Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland – is a must for young nature lovers, or for anyone looking for a sweet, calming read with some lovely nature facts woven in.

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For ages 4-5 and up

Big Bad Dragon Club

Author: Beach

A funny picture book about dragons learning they don't always have to be bad!

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There Are Birds Everywhere

Author: Britta Teckentrup

A beautiful book that is full of facts about birds and their amazing variety and skills.

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Luna Loves Gardening

Author: Joseph Coelho Illustrator: Fiona Lumbers

Luna is off to the community garden with her dad. There, she learns how to grow plants and discovers each one has its own story to share.

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The Princess and the Pee

Author: Effua Gleed Illustrator: Juanita Londoño Gaviria

How can Princess Amma stop wetting the bed? A gorgeous and practical book that is both reassuring and gently funny.

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Big Bad Wolf Investigates: Fairy Tales

Author: Catherine Cawthorne Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie

Could the Big Bad Wolf really blow down a straw house? A funny look at familiar fairy tales through the lens of STEM.

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Tiny Dogs: Bea’s Secret Friends

Author: Rose Lihou

Shy Bea meets four cute miniature dogs! Can she protect their garden and keep them secret? A delightful young chapter book for newly confident readers, with gorgeous colour illustrations.  

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For ages 6-8 and up

Test Trouble

Author: Serena Patel Illustrator: Louise Forshaw

Arun hates tests, so when his teacher sets a timed maths test, he does everything he can to get out of it. This light-hearted chapter book explores the importance of resilience and is ideal for reluctant readers.

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The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist

Author: Anders Sparring Illustrator: Per Gustavsson Translator: Julia Marshall

The Pinchers are a family of thieves who are very excited to visit a local diamond exhibition. This hilarious crime caper is full of eccentric characters and accompanied by colourful, quirky illustrations.

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Find Peace in a Poem: Poetry About Mindfulness

Author: Various authors Illustrator: Annalise Barber Mariana Roldán Masha Manapov and Nabila Adani

Poetry holds a kind of quiet magic, as the introduction to this lovely illustrated poetry anthology reminds the reader. Reading a poem can provide a moment of peace and focus for the reader, and help us to see the world in a new way. In this way, reading a poem can be seen as an act of mindfulness.

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The Book of Blast Off! 15 Real-life Space Missions

Author: Timothy Knapman Illustrator: Nik Henderson

Discover the details of 15 real-life missions into space – all told in accessible rhyme, and with vibrant illustrations. Not just for space enthusiasts!

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Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain

Author: Emmanuel Guerrero

Cactus Kid is determined to become the world's most powerful wizard, so he journeys to Star Rock Mountain in search of a special ingredient for his potion. This madcap graphic novel is teeming with vibrant comic-strip illustrations, offbeat humour and quirky characters.

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Green: The Story of Plant Life on Our Planet

Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Emily Sutton

A beautifully illustrated book explaining how plants evolved and how they work now.

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Spin! 10 Exciting New Voices in Poetry

Author: Joseph Coelho & Various Illustrator: Ruthine Burton

An anthology of poems for reading aloud and sharing with children that will make them feel seen, included and represented.  

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Taking Shelter (A Hugh Dunnit Mystery)

Author: Guy Bass Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove

Hugh is determined to clear his dog's name when she's accused of eating his homework. This hilarious chapter book is full of witty one-liners, daft puns and dynamic black-and-white illustrations.

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Mission Microraptor

Author: Philip Kavvadias

A nerve-jangling, but very funny, thriller with exceptionally nasty baddies and interesting moral and ethical dilemmas. Will have wide appeal, especially to fans of Alex Rider who like a few jokes with their jeopardy – and an added tiny dinosaur.

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For ages 9-11 and up

Girl on the Fly

Author: Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl

Set in Philadelphia, USA, in 1992, this coming-of-age story is packed with cultural and musical references from the era and explores themes of family, resilience and the evolving nature of friendships.

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Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm

Author: Ash Bond

With nail-biting action on the streets of Oxford, the riverways of London and in the depths of the Under-Underground, otherworldly creatures shoot laser blasters and ancient gods lurk around every corner.

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Alyssa and the Spell Garden

Author: Alexandra Sheppard Illustrator: Bex Glendining

Touching on social anxiety and divorce as well as featuring a non-binary child and characters of many ethnicities, this is a truly inclusive tale of magic, community and healing.

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Bringing Back Kay-Kay

Author: Dev Kothari

When Lena’s older brother goes missing, she knows she must find him. But what secrets will she uncover? A gripping mystery set in contemporary India, with themes of family expectations and the importance of the arts.  

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Universal Guide to the Night Sky

Author: Lisa Harvey-Smith Illustrator: Sophie Beer

A delightful, clear and informative book about stars, the moon, satellites, the sun, the planets and constellations, with lots of fascinating detail other things we can find in space, such as dark nebulae, asteroids and meteor showers. Practical, fun and accessible. 

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Movies Showing Nowhere

Author: Yorick Goldewijk Illustrator: Yvonne Lacet Translator: Laura Watkinson

When Cate visits Mrs Kano's cinema, she is transported into a world beyond her wildest dreams. This wonderfully imaginative time-travel adventure beautifully explores the nature of grief, guilt and loneliness.

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Author: Megan Hopkins

Astrid discovers she’s a Librae – one day she’ll be able to fly! But there’s something strange about her newfound winged community. Can she and her new friends right some wrongs? A pacey magical adventure. 

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Wales Book of the Month

Me and Aaron Ramsey

Author: Manon Steffan Ros

Sam and his dad love football. When an accident has long-lasting effects, everything at home changes. A moving depiction of a father-son relationship, set in Wales.

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