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For ages 0-3 and up

Zoom: Ocean Adventure

Author: Susan Hayes and Sam Rennocks

Noah is going on a big ocean adventure! He meets all kinds of marine wildlife, discovers buried treasure, and encounters an iceberg before hitching a ride home on a whale - just in time for tea. A lovely board book with lots of information and beautiful pictures to take in.

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Peek-Through Around Town

Author: Jonny Marx Illustrator: Zoe Waring

Dusty the dog wants to go for a walk, so sets off on a journey around his town - saying hello to all his friends and taking in all the exciting sights and smells of the day. These board books from Little Tiger offer toddlers a bit of narrative, which make them ideal for slightly older little ones with longer attention spans.

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For ages 4-5 and up

Superhero Baby

Author: Patricia Hegarty Illustrator: Alex Willmore

As Suphero Baby darts from one catastrophe to the next to save the day, she realises that these are not mere accidents. They are in fact the work of a dastardly Super Villain and she is astounded when she discovers the culprit’s identity.

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Now Wash Your Hands!

Author: Matt Carr

Matt Carr’s sweet picture book is a useful one for little ones and would be perfect at school or at home as a fun reminder to wash our hands and keep nasty germs away.

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It's OK to Cry

Author: Molly Potter Illustrator: Sarah Jennings

A lovely book helping children to navigate their feelings and emotions - both positive and negative - as well as gently discussing mental health issues.

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Mini Rabbit Must Help

Author: John Bond

Mini Rabbit has an important job to do - he has to post a letter to Granny Rabbit by 5 o'clock sharp! But helping out is not as easy as it looks...

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Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Riko Sekiguchi

Sea otter Sophie is snuggling on her mummy’s tummy in the sea when she asks mum what the horizon is. Yet when mum goes to catch a fish, Sophie spies a lighthouse on the horizon and decides to investigate...

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Clean Up!

Author: Nathan Bryon Illustrator: Dapo Adeola

Rocket loves visiting her Grammy and Grampy in the Caribbean, especially splashing in the waves with her cool surfing Grammy - but when Rocket finds a baby turtle washed up on the shore, tangled in plastic, she decides something must be done. It's time to clean up!

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No-Bot the Robot's New Bottom

Author: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Hendra and Linnet are at the top of their game when it comes to funny books for 2-4 year olds, and this hilarious homage to farts, bottom burps and bums is a perfect read for little ones looking for lots of laughs as well as a story about being kind to our friends.

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Author: Sam Usher

Sam Usher’s beautiful picture book starts off as a story about an exciting everyday life kind of event: getting a pet is a big part of anyone’s childhood. Yet what starts as a new pet story changes unexpectedly into something much more fantastical and dreamy.

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Nervous Nigel

Author: Bethany Christou

This thoughtful story about how we all worry about living up to family expectations is very nicely expressed with Nigel and his family of adorable crocodiles. 

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For ages 6-8 and up

My Butterfly Bouquet

Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Hannah Peck

Nicola Davies’ books are full of lovely details about nature, and in this book, she has deftly woven a story about a child recovering from illness into a story about how we can also help revive butterflies, a species that are under threat.

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Clever Cakes

Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Ashley King

This beautiful book of two fairy tales by Michael Rosen in the Little Gems series is written in a dyslexia-friendly format and is perfect for young readers embarking on their independent reading journey.

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The Funny Life of Sharks

Author: James Campbell Illustrator: Rob Jones

This is a non-fiction book with a difference: not only is it bursting with a wealth of fascinating information about sharks, such as their appearance, habitat and diet, but it also contains an amusing array of untruths and daft anecdotes about totally unconnected topics. 

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The Worst Class in the World

Author: Joanna Nadin Illustrator: Rikin Parekh

This fabulous book for independent junior readers contains two side-splitting stories about the escapades of the colourful characters of Class 4B, dubbed ‘literally the worst class in the world’ by headteacher Mrs Bottomley-Blunt. 

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Kids Can Cook: Fun and Yummy Recipes for Budding Chefs

Author: Esther Coombs

This simple but cool-looking cookbook is a perfect introduction to simple yet yummy recipes which can be enjoyed by the whole family, and give young cooks a huge sense of achievement in having made them. 

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Akissi: Even More Tales of Mischief

Author: Marguerite Abouet Illustrator: Mathieu Sapin

The hilarious adventures of Akissi, a little girl with a huge personality from Cote d’Ivoire.

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A Boy's Best Friend

Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Cathy Fisher

One of a series of standalone stories about children growing up in the countryside by Nicola Davies and illustrated in pencil by Cathy Fisher, A Boy’s Best Friend is a fantastic, short read about an outdoorsy boy who loves animals but finds school difficult. 

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Big City Atlas

Author: Maggie Li

Take a whistle-stop tour around 28 of the world’s most amazing cities; soak up the culture, traditions, prominent landmarks and local food experiences with a cheery penguin guide in a bright and engrossing pictorial feast. 

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Fred: Wizard in Trouble

Author: Simon Philip Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey

A funny, exciting fantasy adventure featuring Fred, a young wizard who finds that courage and determination can sometimes be more powerful than even the greatest magic.

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The Big Book of Football

Author: Mundial Illustrator: Damien Weighill

A great introduction to the beautiful game, featuring everything from the evolution of the football boot to players' hairdos and Drogba's perfect attacking headers.

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The Wild Way Home

Author: Sophie Kirtley

A thrilling time-slip adventure in which a scared boy runs into an ancient forest and falls into the Stone Age.

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Take the Lead: How to Care for Your Dog

Author: Elena Browne Illustrator: Jennifer Farley

This is an excellent handbook for those who are looking for a four-legged addition to grow their family, detailing everything from choosing a breed to grooming to health and well-being.

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For ages 9-11 and up

When Stars are Scattered

Author: Omar Mohamed Illustrator: Victoria Jamieson

This is the true story of Omar Mohamed’s childhood in a refugee camp. Searing and poignant, with themes of equality, disability, and the value of education, it’s moving and sad and hopeful, all at the same time.

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Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission

Author: Zanib Mian Illustrator: Nasaya Mafaridik

Omar and his friends launch a mission to rescue their favourite teacher and make a disturbing discovery: she has undoubtedly been abducted by aliens!

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Simone Biles: Golden Girl of Gymnastics

Author: Sally J Morgan Illustrators: Emma Trithart and Luisa Uribe

This accessible biography chronicles the incredible life of Olympic gymnast and world champion Simone Biles - from being shuffled between foster carers as a young child to discovering gymnastics and her path to the 2016 Olympics. 

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The Witch's Boy

Author: Kelly Barnhill

A classic fantasy tour de force, this riveting adventure story is deep with meaning and yet an accessible read, both intelligent and fun and with beautiful writing that never gets in the way of the plot. 

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The Unadoptables

Author: Hana Tooke

Milou and her friends have lived at the Little Tulip orphanage all their lives, doing back-breaking chores and eating watery cabbage soup under the watchful eye of the cruel Matron Gassbeek. But Milou is determined to find her real family - and time is running out...

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The Young Magicians and the 24 Hour Telepathy Plot

Author: Nick Mohammed Illustrator: Noémie Gionet Landry

Young Magicians Zack, Sophie, Jonny and Alex return in this magic-infused crime caper. In their previous adventure, the children saved the Magic Circle from financial ruin when they secured a generous donation from the Queen, after foiling a plot to steal the crown jewels.

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Goddesses and Heroines: Women of Myth and Legend

Author: Xanthe Gresham-Knight Illustrator: Alice Pattullo

In this gorgeous book featuring the stories of thirteen goddesses from different cultures – Sumeria (now Iraq), China, Mexico, Japan, Nigeria, Greece, Ireland and many more – Xanthe Gresham-Knight reminds us of the powerful women of myth and legend who have always had our backs.  

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Turtle Boy

Author: M Evan Wolkenstein

Will's got hardly any friends, and school bullies call him 'Turtle Boy' because of a facial difference. But when Will meets RJ, a very sick 16 year old, he realises there's more to life than retreating into your shell.

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Build Your Dream Team: My Greatest Football Team Ever

Author: Tom Fordyce Illustrator: Kieran Carroll

An insightful, funny and fascinating book written by a renowned sports journalist, giving football fans the opportunity to be the manager of their own dream team.

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For teens (12+)

Love on the Main Stage

Author: S. A. Domingo

Nova doesn’t want to fall in love this summer but a cute guitarist at a festival may change her mind.

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Challenge Everything: The Extinction Rebellion Youth Guide to Saving the Planet

Author: Blue Sandford

Written by 17-year-old youth activist, Blue Sandford, this powerful and practical book is designed to empower young people to take action and change their future. 

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