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Looking for a great book on a theme? Our booklists can help you discover some brilliant children's books that your little one will love.

Our booklists cover a large range of subjects, from everyday issues to genre, disability, diversity, sporty books, funny books, and more. Can't find what you're looking for? Email us and we'll do our best to help. 

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Myths and legends

Across all cultures, myth and legend stories have been told for hundreds of years – usually told and retold to entertain and to educate. Here is a selection of the best books about, or inspired by, myths and legends from across the world.

Books about plants for primary school children

Find out more about brilliant plants in this selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for primary school children.

Books about Black joy for 5-8s

Enjoy this selection of joyous young fiction and poetry books by Black authors, all starring Black characters having adventures.

Books about Vikings

This selection of books shows what Viking life was like, with all the action and humour you might expect. It includes fiction and non-fiction and is suitable for primary-aged children.

Books featuring characters with ADHD

Books are a way to provide glimpses into other people’s experiences. This booklist is a range of excellent children’s and teen books that feature characters with ADHD. Every child will enjoy reading them.

Books about refugees and asylum seekers (older children)

Since asylum can be a confusing issue for children (and even adults), here are some books that explore what it really means to flee your home and have to start your life over.

Dyslexia-friendly books

This list aims to provide a range of books that may appeal to young people, aged 7+, with reading difficulties. 

Supporting a healthy mind

We've put together a selection of picture books that can help young children to start to understand mental health, support a healthy mind, and supply useful strategies.

Books for bedtime: find a new favourite

Looking for a new favourite book to read at bedtime? This list is full of wonderful stories all published since 2019 and all perfect to snuggle up with before sleep.

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