A History of My Weird

Publisher: Firefly Press

Things are changing far too quickly for Mo. Her body is developing much to her disgust plus she’s just started high school, with its whispering kids, on-off friendships and teachers who don’t yet understand herShe’s even got a detention for ‘disruptive behaviour’. 

Mo is on the autistic spectrum and struggles not to stim or correct people when they get facts wrongShe wonders if she will ever fit in and make real friends. Then she meets Onyx who not only doesn’t think Mo is weird, but actually seems to like her.

The only problem is Onyx’s dad, who thinks Mo is a bad influence. Then, when the pair plan to secretly explore a derelict building, they find themselves in big trouble and in real danger… 

Mo is funny, stubborn, flawed and very likeable. Her feelings of awkwardness and self-doubt are sure to resonate with anyone who has had to navigate a transition to new school. Equally convincing is her touching and nuanced relationship with her family and step-relatives. Then there’s her interest in the history of local asylums, which adds a fascinating factual element to the book, as well as leading to a dramatic finale which will have the reader gripped.   

This competition-winning book by a neurodivergent author features a pleasingly inclusive cast.

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