Andy Stanton's hilarious reasons why reading is great

Published on: 17 November 2017

Children's writer Andy Stanton has lots of very good reasons why reading is fun and he'd recommend it to everyone. (Silliness warning: off the scale – just the way we like it!)

Andy Stanton's book Danny McGee Drinks the Sea was a real favourite of ours this year, and is one of the 60 books that made it into our Great Books Guide 2017.

Turns out, Andy Stanton loves reading so much, that he rates it as one of life's bestest things (behind only curry and the first eight seasons of The Simpsons). 

He wants everyone to try picking up a book so they can see for themselves – but, of course, he's said all this in his very particular style...

Watch the (very funny) video

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Danny McGee Drinks The Sea

Author: Andy Stanton Illustrator: Neal Layton

Can a boy really drink the sea? This book is pure anarchy and will have the whole family falling on the floor with tears of laughter running down their faces. 

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