How to draw Kiki and Bobo: two very lively animals

Published on: 14 November 2017

Kiki and Bobo are the stars of a hilarious lift-the-flap story book from Yasmeen Ismail. Here's how you can draw them to life at home...

Kiki and Bobo's Sunny Day is a picture book from Yasmeen Ismail that we've particularly loved this year.

In fact, we love it so much that it's in our Great Books Guide: a guide that highlights our 60 favourite reads from the past year!

You and your child are bound to fall in love pretty hard with Kiki and Bobo. So whether you want to whet your appetite, or carry on the Kiki and Bobo magic, here's a little drawing guide for home or school...

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Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day

Author: Yasmeen Ismail

Kiki and Bobo have decided to go to the seaside for the day. A lovely book with bright, welcoming illustrations and clever lift-the-flaps. The perfect read for holidays.

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