Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day

Publisher: Walker Books

Kiki and Bobo have decided to go to the seaside for the day – well, Kiki has decided that. Bobo isn’t as keen on the idea. Kiki is really excited to swim in the sea, but not Bobo. When they’re at the beach, Bobo keeps trying to put off swimming, but Kiki is too excited, and he finally has to admit that he’s scared. Kiki is quick to reassure him and offer her assistance, and soon the two are enjoying the sea.

This is a lovely book with bright, welcoming illustrations and clear text, with the addition of very clever lift-the-flaps on every page. It’s the perfect read for those about to go on holiday, and particularly to address the fear of swimming. Kiki and Bobo are a delightful pair, and will make you look forward to their next outing!

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