Ali-A and Taran Matharu on the books you'll love if you're a gamer

Published on: 06 November 2017

YouTuber Ali-A chats to our Writer-in-Residence about the amazing pairing of books and video games – even if you wouldn't normally pick up a book.

When author Taran Matharu and gamer Ali-A got together, they had a LOT to talk about.

Ali-A has just released a graphic novel – and no one is more surprised than him. But, as he explains to Taran, there's more of a crossover between these two things that people usually think.

In fact, he even rises to Taran's challenge: can he pair some of the most popular video games with a book that's just as exciting?

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What to read if you love Skyrim

What to read if you love Pokémon

Watch the full interview

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