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Favourite Graphic Novels for Middle Grade Children

El Deafo

These comics and graphic novels offer a different route into discovering the pleasure of reading.

  • Boffin Boy and the Forest of the Ninja

    Author: David Orme Illustrator: Peter Richardson
    Publisher: Ransom

    This graphic novel style book is a quick read and perfect for those who don’t like too much text.

  • Nightlights

    Author: Lorena Alvarez
    Publisher: Nobrow

    A remarkable, haunting and beautiful graphic novel for younger readers, Nightlights is a magical fable about creativity and believing in yourself. With a 'Studio Ghibli' feel and some sumptuous artwork, this is a wonderful read and a visual treat.

  • Calamity Jack

    Author: Dean and Shannon Hale Illustrator: Nathan Hale
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    This graphic novel is full of fun action set pieces, comedic turns and well-drawn out characters and is a much-needed updating of the classic fairy tale.

  • Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel

    Author: Anthony Horowitz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The graphic novel adaptation of this well-written and action-packed story of a teenage spy works really well

  • El Deafo

    Author: Cece Bell
    Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

    Delivered in graphic-novel format, this story is based on the childhood of US author/illustrator Cece Bell who was diagnosed as deaf at the age of four.

  • Azzi in Between

    Author: Sarah Garland
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    This is a moving tale of a refugee family told in graphic novel style and so appealing to a wide range of younger readers.

  • Scavenger: Chaos Zone

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    The second in the Scavenger series, Chaos Zone finds York and his robot Zoid friend Belle exploding from a ventilation tube into a strange forest. A thousand years into space, the animals and plants aboard the city-sized Biosphere spaceship have mutated. But what has happened to the humans on board the ship?

  • The Marvels

    Author: Brian Selznick
    Publisher: Scholastic

    More than just a mystery, The Marvels is a heart-warming story about growing up, identity and family, full of cinematic and captivating illustrations.

  • Brownstone’s Mythical Collection: Arthur and the Golden Rope

    Author: Joe Todd-Stanton
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    Arthur goes to the great hall to help Thor catch the wicked Fenrir. There, he is set the almost impossible task of making a magical Golden Rope. A fantastic version of a Norse myth that falls between a picture book and a graphic novel.

  • Hilda and the Stone Forest

    Author: Luke Pearson
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    In her fifth adventure, the daring Hilda is back on form with plenty of strange magic, but this time with mum in tow. This allows Pearson to explore their mother-daughter relationship - as they battle two-headed trolls, of course.

  • Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth

    Author: Judd Winick
    Publisher: Puffin

    Colourful, action-filled and laugh-out-loud funny, with plenty of burps, farts and catchphrases, HILO is the first in a bestselling US graphic novel series for younger readers. It's also a genuinely well-told, gripping sci-fi story.