Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop

Publisher: Farshore

Officer Clawsome, a lobster, and his sidekick Stariana, a starfish, are the best police officers in Caper Cove. Cat burglar fish on the rampage? No problem! The awesome twosome will catch the slippery criminal in no time. A bank robbery? Foiled immediately! But when their favourite bakery goes missing, Clawsome and Stariana know they have to find the master criminal. It will involve wrestling! A giant shark! And a few explosions... 

This fast-paced graphic novel is lots of fun. There are puns galore, and a decent amount of dialogue (all in capital letters), so it’s definitely for the more confident reader.

It is packed with action and humour, and although the creators are American, the syntax and slang is very accessible to a British reader. Bunny vs Monkey fans would certainly enjoy it.

The colour illustrations are super energetic, with brilliant facial expressions – no mean feat, given it’s set under the sea – and there are plenty of action and sound noises. Great fun. 

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