Agents of S.U.I.T. an InvestiGators adventure

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Cilantro the chameleon is a new member of S.U.I.T., or the Special Undercover Investigation Teams. But when she has a near miss with a burglar because she wasn’t wearing her work vest, she’s diverted to another department. Sent on a field mission to a corn field, Cilantro uncovers mysterious crop circles, a robotic scarecrow and some very well-behaved sheep. Could aliens be behind the markings in the corn? Or does the conspiracy theorist know more than he’s saying to his thousands of followers? If anyone can find out, it’s Cilantro!

Action-packed and pun-filled, this is a brilliantly funny graphic novel. It’s linked to the InvestiGators series – those two alligators make a guest appearance – and fans of that and of Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man will love this. It is colourful and silly, with a subtle message about thinking for yourself and not following the herd. Set in a mostly animal world, this is accessible, fast-paced and hugely enjoyable.

Mae Cilantro’r camelion yn aelod newydd o S.U.I.T neu y Special Undercover Investigation Teams. Ar ôl cael ei anfon ar ryw berwyl i gae o ŷd, mae Cilantro’n darganfod cylchoedd ŷd dirgel, bwgan brain robotaidd ac ychydig o ddefaid ufudd. A allai estroniaid fod yn gyfrifol am yr olion yn yr ŷd? Neu ydy'r damcaniaethwr cynllwyn sy'n gwneud fideo rownd y rîl yn gwybod mwy nag y mae’n ei gyfaddef?

Mae’r nofel graffig hynod ddoniol hon, sy’n llawn antur a geiriau mwys, yn hawdd i’w darllen ac yn bleser pur. Bydd edmygwyr y gyfres InvestiGators a Dog Man wrth eu boddau â’r llyfr lliwgar a digrif hwn gyda neges am beidio â dilyn y dorf.


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