Star Cat

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Publisher: David Fickling Books

This bright, super-fun graphic novel stars Captain Spaceington and his wacky crew as they travel the universe in their spaceship, the Star Cat.

Spaceington is desperate to win the much-coveted Bravest Captain Award, but every mission he’s sent on by Space HQ never quite works out the way it’s supposed to… Instead, the Star Cat has a habit of leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, no matter how good their intentions are, which tends to rather overshadow their successes and ‘brave deeds’.

There’s the time where they’re sent to stop a bank robbery… And there’s the time with the Nubchicks – the last five creatures of their kind, which Spaceington has been tasked to transport to the Space Zoo for their safety. Then there’s time with the Universe Bomb and, oh yes, the time where they discover the legendary planet Inflatia…

Star Cat is silly, packed full of puns and laugh-out-loud funny. It’s clearly laid out, with all the story told through pictures and the speech bubbles. Altogether, there are six individual stories included in the collection, each involving an increasingly wild adventure as Spaceington seeks to get the recognition he feels he deserves – oh, and prevent his evil nemesis, Dark Rectangle, from destroying the universe.

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