The Marvels

Publisher: Scholastic

The Marvels is one of those rare books that both children and adults will love. It weaves together two seemingly unrelated stories - one in words, the other in pictures. The illustrated story begins in 1766, while the prose story opens in 1990.

The illustrations are captivating and cinematic, and draw the reader into the fascinating history of the Marvel family. Selznick is especially skilled at showing the passage of time and the emotions of characters.

The illustrated story ends quite abruptly and mysteriously, leaving the reader desperate to figure out just what happened to the Marvels and how they are connected to Joseph and his family. Selznick leaves a trail of tantalising clues throughout the prose story - and the reveal is worth the wait.

More than just a mystery, The Marvels is a heart-warming story about growing up, identity, and family: both the ones we're born with and the ones we make for ourselves.

It's also a book for anyone who loves London, the theatre, a good mystery or a wonderful story.

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