Cat on the Run: Episode 1: Cat of Death!

Publisher: Scholastic

Fluffball cat Princess Beautiful is an online video sensation, each of her goofy videos racking up over 3 billion views. The Biggest Star in the World, she’s so popular that ‘trending’ is now ‘princessing.  

But when a mysterious organisation hacks one of Princess’s videos and makes it look as if she has been downloading nuclear launch codes and arming nuclear missiles, the internet turns against her. Suddenly the world has rebranded her as ‘the cat of death’.Her pampered life over, now Princess Beautiful is on the run, in search of a way to prove her innocence against trial by social media. Who has framed her and why? And how will Princess escape the mob chasing after her? 

This hilarious, action-packed comic book is both a funny story with the relatable set-up of internet celebrity, and an astute take on cancel culture and social media. Presented in black and white, with highlights of red for a pop of colour, and short chunks of text, it’s a more accessible book for struggling readers, and should have great appeal for reluctant readers too. A brilliant new series from the creator of The Bad Guys for kids to get their teeth into.  

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