The Bad Guys: Episodes 1 and 2

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Everyone is wrong about Mr Wolf. Just because he's got big pointy teeth and razor sharp claws doesn't make him a bad guy. No, he's a good guy – and so are his friends, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, and Mr Shark. They are definitely NOT criminals.

Yes, really. And they've started The Good Guys Club to prove it. They're going to be heroes.

If they see a cat stuck up a tree, what are they going to do? Eat it? No, rescue it, of course. And Mr Wolf has the perfect mission planned as their first big challenge. But will everything go according to plan?

Written like a comic book, this is a very funny story full of action and crazy characters. Reading this book is a bit like reading a cartoon – it's lots of fun and will probably make you laugh out loud.

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