Meet Invisible Emmie: our new graphic novel heroine

Published on: 10 November 2017 Author: Catriona Wightman

We've all felt awkward or shy at times, so it's no surprise that new graphic novel Invisible Emmie has struck a chord.

Invisible Emmie

The debut graphic novel from American cartoonist Terri Libenson will take you back to your school days with its story about Emmie and Katie.

The two girls couldn't be more different - Emmie is a shy wallflower, while Katie is outgoing and popular. 

Unfortunately, the one thing they do have in common is feelings for the same boy, Tyler Ross. And when one of Emmie's private letters falls into the wrong hands, things could be about to get very embarrassing indeed...

Invisible Emmie - which is in full colour throughout - will bring back all those memories of school crushes and blushes. So if you want a sneak peek inside, take a look below...

Emmie and Briana

Emmie and Briana

Meet Katie...

Invisible Emmie: Katie

... And, of course, meet Emmie

Invisible Emmie: Emmie

Invisible Emmie is out now, published by Puffin.

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Invisible Emmie

Author: Terri Libenson

Thirteen-year-old Emmie is the quiet girl at school, the one nobody notices. She loves to draw – and is good at it too – and has a best friend, Brianna, but her crippling shyness makes school and interacting with, well, anyone, really scary.

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