What To Read After... Where's Spot?

Published on: 14 January 2021

Where’s Spot? was one of the first bestselling flap books for toddlers – not least because it also includes a simple story and appealingly cute dog. If your toddler adores Spot, here are some ideas for books you might try next…

Other flap books for toddlers

Some excellent toddler flap books include the colourful felt flaps in Let’s Find the Tiger by Alex Willmore and Nosy Crow’s extensive Where’s Mr/Mrs series by Ingela P Arrhenius. Despite the flaps being soft, they are super durable.  For whole page flaps little ones can turn, Child’s Play’s Making Tracks series by Cocoretto are interesting, inclusive and well-engineered, with die cut shapes that toddlers and babies can play with, too.

Books about everyday life

Melissa Crowton’s Marley Bear board book series follows Marley through a number of visits to town and country type environments, so has a bit more of a story for little ones, like Spot. Sian Wheatcroft’s picture book This Bear, That Bear is  a rhyming text about a day out with the family that is perfect for Spot fans, and Little Tiger’s Peek Through board book series by Jonny Marx and Zoe Waring explores a range of everyday life knowledge building for little ones, from grown-ups’ jobs to shopping and more.

Toddler books featuring dogs

For those that love Spot himself, Ross Collins’ This is A Dog features the exploits of a very naughty dog that invades a “My First Animal” book with hilarious consequences.  Mick Inkpen’s classic Kipper books feature cosy stories about everyday life for toddlers and Michael Whaite’s 100 Dogs is a super fun rhyming book featuring (you guessed it) 100 different dogs of all persuasions. For slightly older children, Louise Yates’ Dog Loves Books features a dog that loves reading so much he opens a bookshop.

Seek and find books

In Eloise White and Cory Reid’s We’re Off To Find a Fairy a family spends the day in nature looking for a fairy and finding endangered creatures instead. For die-hard Spot fans, there are of course plenty of other books in the series including Find Spot at the Zoo where Spot gets lost – oh no! For slightly older readers, David McKee’s Elmer and the Lost Treasure tells the story of the world’s most loveable elephant on a quest to find treasure with his friends in the jungle. Last, in Morag Hood’s hilarious Spaghetti Hunters Tiny Horse helps Duck find pasta in a simple but silly adventure.


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