Let’s Find the Tiger

Publisher: Little Tiger

This beautifully produced little board book is sure to capture the attention of even the youngest babies. A tiger is hiding in the book, and there are soft felt flaps to investigate behind.

There are lots of things that look like they could be tigers: a striped snake that looks like a tail, a parrot’s crest that looks like whiskers, white teeth that turn out to be crocodiles... But Tiger’s snoozing behind the rock.

When we find Tiger, we have to wake him up and the final spread is little Tiger all ready to play. The illustrations are very cute and the textures and peep-through pages make it a feast for the fingers, too.

The text is very simple, drawing attention to the features that could be the tiger – ‘Tiger has curly whiskers. Could this be Tiger in the water?’ – which helps little readers direct their eyes and gives more practised readers the chance to get involved and reply.

The final spread will have everyone saying ‘Hello Tiger!’. Blossoming book worms will want to explore this book again and again.

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