This Bear, That Bear

Publisher: Templar Publishing

There's a bear parade and every bear you can imagine is there: tall bear, small bear, loves-to-kick-a-ball bear; even dude bear, rude bear and in-a-bad-mood bear! Finally, the fireworks out and it's time for tired bear to go to bed. 

This lovely singsong text has a rhythm reminiscent of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. It brims with alliteration and internal rhyme and is incredibly fun to read aloud. The joyously jam-packed illustrations are full of hustle and bustle and detail. You'll probably spent quite a bit of time scanning all the different bears and trying to pick your favourite (personally, we favoured 'fabulously geeky bear'). 

There's a nice inclusive message to the proceedings, too. It doesn't matter what kind of bear you are – everybody's invited to this parade!

By the time the rhythm slows right down at the end, your child should be feeling sleepy and ready to dream about what kind of bear they are or want to be...

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