This is a Dog

Publisher: Nosy Crow

A mischievous dog has taken over this copy of ‘My First Animal Book’! Not satisfied with just having their own page in the book, the dog is jumping into every other animal’s page too – and adding a little bit of chaos (as young dogs tend to!).

Dog starts out just being a little bit nosy, but soon starts to get creative… How much will Dog be able to get away with before all the other animals decide enough is enough?

Lots of fun and a real delight to read, this is a great book to share with little ones. Each page has one simple sentence to read, and the illustrations are clear and bright, showing just the different animals against a bold, single-colour background. Yet each animal is incredibly expressive, Dog especially, and there’s so much story that can be told from the pictures alone.

Thanks to this beautiful simplicity, This is a Dog could also be a good book for any parent/carer and young child whose first language is not English.

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