Publisher: Hodder

One day, Kipper the dog finds that he just can’t get comfortable in his basket, so he takes out his smelly blanket, chewed ball and soggy old bone. Still not satisfied, Kipper ventures outside and tries out some other animals’ beds: the cosy flowerpot where the wrens sleep, a stick nest like the squirrels, and a nice dark hole, just like the rabbits – or are they badgers? Yet nothing feels right until Kipper realises that perhaps his own bed is perfect after all.

The first in Mick Inkpen’s immensely popular series about an adorable little pup introduces us to Kipper, a puppy whose adventures in the everyday world are completely relatable for toddlers. Kipper’s gentle adventures are always safe and happy and allow children to explore their own experiences about home and family, as well as learning about the world – in this case, about the habitats of some familiar animals.

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