World Book Day: Your pictures

Published on: 03 March 2016 Author: James Doherty

To celebrate World Book Day we thought we'd highlight some of the great and creative book-themed costumes that children - and adults - are wearing today.

Happy World Book Day.

Blue Peter Book Awards winners Adam Frost (the man below who looks a little like comedian Stephen Merchant) and Ross Mackenzie (buttons for eyes) have dressed up as Professor Branestawm and Other Father from Coraline respectively.

Adam Frost as Professor Branestawm

Ross Mackenzie as Other Father

Look who's left the family tree - it's Stick Lady Love minus Stick Man and their stick children three.

Stick Lady

BookTrust President Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful makes an appearance on World Book Day too.

Private Peaceful

The first Roald Dahl-inspired outfit of the day - Fantastic Mr Fox, presumably on the run from Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Fantastic Mr Fox

It's The Smartest Giant in Town, although we seem to have caught him just before he came across the houseless mouse. Sometimes giants are just too nice for their own good.

The Smartest Giant in Town

I don't recognise these book characters - they must be from a new book that hasn't been released yet, one where Spiderman and Rapunzel team up to fight crime together... I think it's out in the autumn.

Spiderman and Rapunzel

No one else will go out dressed up as these 'characters' today. One resourceful father has decided to dress his children up as pages 89 and 165 of the Argos catalogue. I guess it's a book, sort of.

pages 89 and 165 of the Argos catalogue

An excellent Opal Plumstead costume - hats off to you!

Opal Plumstead

Another great costume, although we can't actually tell if this is a boy in costume or the actual Dark Lord himself during his early years....

Dark Lord

I think this is the look Miss Trunchbull gives before she sends someone to the chokey.

Miss Trunchbull

A lover of pranks, reading and pastries too, apparently, Matilda is all set for the day. Until Trunchbull gets ahold of her.


And Bookstart Bear has finally hit the big time! Here she is reading, as ever.

Bookstart Bear

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