Dark Lord: The Teenage Years

(41 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Orchard Books

The Dark Lord falls to earth, crash-landing in a suburban car park in the body of a teenage boy, spitting out poisonous mucus. His lieutenant, Dread Gargon, has disappeared, along with his powers of Domination and Destruction. Social services can’t locate his home, the Iron Tower of Despair, so 'Dirk' is placed with a foster family and forced to go to school. Desperate to return home, he tries to open a Portal between earth and the Darklands, but accidentally sets fire to the cricket pavilion. And then the White Beast from Dirk’s nightmares appears in the flesh...

A funny, bizarre, melodramatic, suspenseful read with unexpected and unbelievable happenings on almost every page.

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