The most read Read for My School books of 2016: 6-10

Published on: 09 March 2016 Author: James Doherty

This year's Read for My School competition closes next month, and there's still time for you to read your way to prizes for yourself, and your school.

If you or your school aren't registered for this year's competition for Years 3-8 yet, or if you are registered and you don't know what to read next, then have a look through the most read books by Read for My School pupils.

As well as the books on this list, there are over 100 free books available on the Read for My School website, all you have to do is sign-up.

But in the meantime, let's look at books 6-10 on our list.

10. Ladybird Histories: Second World War

10. Ladybird Histories: Second World War

This book has a lot of great informaton about World War Two - who the main people were, the events, the battles and more. All in just 64 pages.

This would be perfect reading if you had a homework project - reading this would be much better than trying to Google everything you need to know.

9. Alice's Adventure in Wonderland

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland

This classic book has been enjoyed for years. Well, who wouldn't enjoy a book about a girl who shrinks, a rabbit that is always late, a mad queen and an even madder hatter?

8. Ladybird Histories: Romans

Ladybird Histories: Romans

Like the Ladybird Histories: Second World War book, this guide is great for learning about a certain period in time. In this book you'll find out more about the Romans - what they wore, what jobs they did, how they lived, children's lives, and key emperors such as Julius Caesar, Augustus, Constantine and Claudius.

This book is perfect for help with homework.

7. My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom

My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom

Hot cross buns are fun at Easter; hot cross bottoms are not. In fact, they can be quite painful.

This book is great for Easter as it focuses on Nicholas and his family as their Easter eggs go missing.

6. The Dinosaur's Diary

The Dinosaur's Diary

This is the second book on our list that's in the form of a diary (find out the other book when we publish the second half of this blog). It's hard to understand how this book was written as dinosaurs have very small arms so it's difficult for them to write stuff down.

Anyway, In this book Hypsilophodon is transported to a modern-day farm, if that wasn't hard enough, she must find a safe place to lay her eggs.

We will let you know what the five most read Read for My School books are later this week.

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