This is what you asked the Children's Laureate to draw

Published on: 04 March 2016 Author: Chris Riddell

When Children's Laureate  Chris Riddell popped into the office for a cuppa tea and a doodle, we thought we'd see if there was anything in particular you wanted him to draw.

Of course you had ideas for what Chris Riddell should draw next. We shouldn't have doubted you for a second.

After asking you all for suggestions on Twitter, we discovered that you're one imaginative bunch.

See below for just some of the things you asked Chris to draw...

Pirate riding a unicorn


Pirate Riding a Unicorn


Anything, so long as there's a penguin

Here you go!

Anything, so long as there's a penguin


Something Welsh

Your wish is our command

Something Welsh


Ottoline eating an ice cream

Look what we found (it's pretty close)

Ottoline eating an ice cream


And for mothers, everywhere....

And for mothers, everywhere....

Some more of your, erm, 'interesting' suggestions...

Here are a few of the other things you asked for, which sadly Chris didn't have time to draw:

cats in space
Dolly Parton riding a Pegasus
a dog choir
ponies tap dancing at a tea party by the seaside
a Viking librarian.

The mind boggles at the thought of some of these pictures! Maybe next time, eh Chris?

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