Letterbox Club testimonials

Foster carers and educational practitioners share their thoughts on the difference that Letterbox Club has made for children in their care.

Niki Freckelton, Officer for Children Looked After, Virtual School, Southampton City Council

'Someone is sending me parcels in the post. Someone has remembered me.' That’s the kind of thing I often hear from talking to children in foster care who have received a BookTrust parcel.' says Niki Freckelton, an officer for Children Looked After from Southampton City Council.

'It’s hard to imagine how far reaching the effects of receiving parcels addressed to you in the post can be, but if you are a child in foster care and not living with your family or have had to move home several times, receiving something in the post can make you feel safe and valued, something many children in foster care struggle to feel. That sense of someone picking me to receive a gift is really special for children.'


Katie Tilley, Early Years and Primary Consultant, Lambeth Virtual School, Lambeth Council

'I’ve had a lot of different experiences, from working as a primary school teacher, education consultant and as a numeracy consultant that have ultimately led me to working with the Virtual School Team in Lambeth.'

'I’m currently responsible for Looked After Children from early years through to Year 5 and over time I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of our children quite well, as they have progressed through their primary schools.'


Maria, Foster Carer, Southampton              

'We’ve been fostering for 11 years. During that time we must have had over 60 different children join our family. We’ve looked after children of all ages. Some have been with us on an emergency placement for a couple of days, whilst others, we take on longer placements that might last years.'

'It can be difficult at times and being a foster carer is a bit like being on a roller coaster. Some of the children we care for have experienced neglect or abuse. Some might be very withdrawn, or have additional needs, like speech and communication issues, or autism.'

'It’s important to give them time, and remember each child is different. When they are with us, they are part of our family and we take the time to understand what they like and don’t like.'


What the children say

These are some of our favourite hand-written postcards from children who take part in Letterbox Club.

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