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Letterbox Club parcels can inspire a love of reading and engagement with numeracy for vulnerable children in your area. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the programme:

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How are children selected for the Letterbox Club?

Each local authority decides which children they will register to be members of the Letterbox Club. Local authorities can enrol as few or as many children as they wish. This has varied depending on individual capacity and budget to run the programme.

As well as children who are looked-after, the programme is also suitable for other children who would benefit, such as those on the edge of care or as part of post-adoption support. Click here for more information about the parcels.

How much administration is required?

BookTrust is unable to hold contact details for participating children and therefore local authorities are required to distribute the parcels each month.

We recommend that each local authority identifies a member of staff to coordinate the programme, who will:

  • Address each parcel to the child at their current home address
  • Post or give out the parcels each month

This year, to the reduce the amount of admin, the child letters have been inserted at the warehouse - if you would still like to personalise them, you can remove them from the parcels and add the children's names.

Previously where a department has funds but not the capacity to administer the programme staff from other departments have helped to send out the parcels. If you would like advice about programme administration, please contact Stephen Rusbridge.

When are the parcels delivered?

Letterbox Club parcels are usually delivered to your local authority in six, monthly batches - depending on your storage capacity. We can deliver two months' worth at a time, if you have enough space.

Have you evaluated the impact of the programme?

Research and Evaluation is an important part of the Letterbox Club. A number of evaluations have been conducted to look at the impact of the programme and we continue to evaluate the Letterbox Club across the UK. Surveys and feedback forms are also available for Letterbox coordinators to use with children and carers taking part.

Read the Letterbox Club evaluation reports here

Letterbox Club coordinators

If you are signed-up for the Letterbox Club then you can access the coordinators' area and find useful information and resources to help you administer the programme, including delivery dates, parcel contents, book descriptions, template letters and feedback forms.

Letterbox Coordinators have been sent details of how to access the coordinators’ area, please contact us if you haven’t received this or need other assistance letterbox@booktrust.org.uk

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