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Join hundreds of schools and local authorities using Letterbox Club to bring the magic of reading and numeracy to pupil premium and vulnerable learners age 3-13

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Introducing Letterbox Club

96% of Letterbox Club children like or love it, with 68% reading even more on their own after receiving their parcels.   

Shown to have a positive impact on children’s reading habits, BookTrust’s Letterbox Club gets children enjoying reading and engaging with numeracy, which we know enables children to access the transformational benefits of reading, whatever their ability or background circumstances.  

Everything you’ll find in the Letterbox Club parcels has been carefully curated by our experts with an understanding of the needs of children experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage, so you can be confident that all the books and numeracy resources are age appropriate and sensitively chosen to engage children. 

Registration for Letterbox Club 2024/25 is now open.

Parcel deliveries begin in May 2024.

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How does Letterbox Club work? 

At just £152 per child (including VAT), you’ll receive six sets of Letterbox Club parcels to be gifted to individual children or enjoyed with a small group of children at your chosen setting. For larger orders, these will be delivered monthly over a six month period, and for smaller orders, they will be sent as one delivery.  

For Virtual Schools (Local Authorities), Letterbox Club can be purchased through the Pupil Premium Grant, either directly by virtual schools, or by recommending this to schools at PEP meetings. 

For Schools in England, Letterbox Club can be purchased through the Pupil Premium Grant, or other funding used to support pupils experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability.  

Explore more about Letterbox Club and how it’s delivered below – including more about our Letterbox Club offering in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.   

Please contact the team for more information by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7801 8805.

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Letterbox Club for Virtual Schools (Local Authorities in England)


Letterbox Club in a primary school

Letterbox Club for Schools in England


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The impact of Letterbox Club on pupil premium and vulnerable learners

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Watch the recording of our webinar and hear from our expert panel on how Letterbox Club is making a difference to the learning and wellbeing of children.

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