Sign up for Letterbox Club 2020

Registration for Letterbox Club 2020 is still open!

This year we're offering additional flexibility to allow as many children as possible to take part, in these extraordinary circumstances.

Registration is priced at £145 per child, including VAT. Sign-up now, to guarantee that your order is fulfilled.

Every participating child will receive six colourful parcels between May and October, containing books and resources, collectively valuing approximately £220. Across the six parcels, each child will receive 12-14 fiction and non-fiction books, up to 10 fun maths games and around 40 items of stationery.

Parcels will be available for delivery from early May 2020. They are delivered to local authorities, schools and nurseries, not home addresses. Staff then personalise the parcels and distribute them to the children.

Register for Letterbox Club 2020 here

Local authorities and schools can use Pupil Premium Plus for children who are looked-after and Pupil Premium for other vulnerable children, to fund the programme.

Almost 11,000 children were signed up for Letterbox Club in 2019.

Letterbox Club parcelsThese are the available Letterbox Club parcel sets:

  • Letterbox Purple: designed for children aged 3-5 in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Letterbox Orange: designed for children in Year 1, to follow them into Year 2 (age 5-7)
  • Letterbox Yellow: designed for children aged 7-9 who are not yet reading independently. Maths materials focus on counting up to ten
  • Letterbox Blue: designed for children in Year 3, to follow them into Year 4 (age 7-9)
  • Letterbox Red: designed for children in Year 5, to follow them into Year 6 (age 9-11)
  • Letterbox Green: designed for children in Year 7, to follow them into Year 8 (age 11-13)

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