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On this page, we’ll be providing you with useful information and resources designed to help you make the most of Letterbox Club. Make sure you bookmark this page as we’ll be adding new resources all the time.  

If you need other assistance then please email us at: [email protected] or call us on 020 7801 8805

Support documents

New Letterbox Club Books 2024/25

Check out the new Letterbox Club books for 2024/25 here.

What the experts said

Here's what the Letterbox Club experts panel said about this year's books - and why we chose them.

Download the poster

Download and print out this A3 poster as a handy reminder of what the programme is and how it works.

Powerpoint presentation

If you'd like to tell people about the Letterbox Club, you can download this PowerPoint presentation.

Letter to parents

Download a template letter for parents of children taking part in Letterbox Club

Research and evaluation

Infographic for teachers

Letterbox Club printable infographic for teachers

Impact report for schools

The Letterbox Club impact report for schools

Impact report for virtual schools

Our Letterbox Club impact report for virtual schools and local authorities

Testimonials and case studies

Letterbox Club: Giving children equal access to reading

Find out how a deputy headteacher used Letterbox Club to help Pupil Premium students develop a habit of reading for enjoyment at home.

Niki Freckelton testimonial

Niki Freckelton, Officer for Children Looked After, Virtual School, Southampton City Council, shares her thoughts on the difference that Letterbox Club has made for children in their care.

Katie Tilley testimonial

Katie Tilley, Early Years and Primary Consultant, Lambeth Virtual School, Lambeth Council shares her thoughts on the difference that Letterbox Club has made for children in their care.

Maria, Foster Carer, testimonial

Foster Carer, Maria, shares her thoughts on the difference that Letterbox Club has made for children in her care.

What children have to say about Letterbox Club

We receive some wonderful feedback from the children and adults. These are some of our favourite hand-written postcards from children who take part in Letterbox Club.

Letterbox Club: Carers ‘can’t believe the improvement’ in children’s progress

Find out how our Letterbox Club has been helping children who are looked after in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Also of interest


Find your next book

Use the Bookfinder to find the perfect book for you, your family and friends.

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Our programmes

Learn more about our range of projects and campaigns, designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy reading and writing.

Bookmark: books and disability

Information on disability and children's books

Find advice and book recommendations for families, teachers, librarians, authors and publishers.