Find out what children have to say about Letterbox Club

We receive some wonderful feedback from the children and adults. These are some of our favourite hand-written postcards from children who take part in Letterbox Club.

Feedback postcards

Letterbox Club postcard 1
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Letterbox Club postcard 3
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Letterbox Club postcard: Caine and Poppy

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Letterbox Club postcard: Zoe

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Letterbox Club postcard: Jessica

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Letterbox Club postcard 4

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Letterbox Club postcard 5

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Letterbox Club postcard: Ruby

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Letterbox Club postcard: Bradley

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Letterbox Club postcard: Kanish

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Letterbox Club postcard: Jodie

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Letterbox Club postcard: Jersey

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Letterbox Club postcard: Elisha

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Letterbox Club postcard: Caleb

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Letterbox Club postcard: Amy

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Letterbox Club postcard 14

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Letterbox Club postcard 15

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More quotes from children who receive the Letterbox Club

'It was really fun having packages to open because they would always be on the kitchen table when we got home from school.' Demi

'I love getting parcels just for me. It's the best thing ever.'  Nicole

'I love having parcels every month and now I'm a letterboxclub member.'  Kieran

'Thank you for every thing you have have done I didn't like reading until you sent me all those parcles I think you all are kind thank you so much.'  Sophie

'The items you get help with: school, reading, gaming and a lot of other things as well.' 12 year old boy

'I thought it was really exciting getting parcels addressed to me.' 8 year old boy

'Thank you for all I get sent, I don’t usually enjoy reading but this month I got sent a book, it is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. So far I am up to page 79 and am hoping to finish the book soon.' Young person aged 13'

I thought WOW when I got the parcel because I have never ever had a package or a parcel in my entire life I am 10 years old.'  Shannon

You can make a difference to children in care or other vulnerable children when you register them for the Letterbox Club.

Find out how to register

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