Your packs and how you can use them

What’s in your Storyteller and Family packs?

Bookstart Storyteller pack

A set of books, resources, activities and props for professionals to use to lead children and families on storytelling adventures.

Bookstart Toddler Family pack

For children aged 1-2 and their families, to motivate them to enjoy reading together.

Bookstart Pre-Schooler Family pack 

For children aged 3-4 and their families, to help them keep discovering and sharing stories.

  • These packs are designed for families facing disadvantage, who may need a hand to get started with reading, but you can share them with anyone you think will benefit.

Boy and mum at libraryUsing your packs: tips and ideas

You’ll know that not everyone has grown up with books as part of their family life. But by showing families how fun and easy sharing stories can be, and helping them see how it helps children develop, you can play a vital role in their reading journeys. You might try:

  • Letting families know there’s no ‘wrong way’ to enjoy stories and books –reading doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s about enjoying books and stories together in any way that works.
  • Showing families how sharing stories can start conversations with their child – books and stories can be a catalyst for talking about children’s feelings, the weather –or anything!
  • Pointing out to parents when their little one is enjoying a story – looking at pictures, laughing at silly voices – all of these engage children and reassure parents that their child is gaining something.