Bookstart in Wales

Bookstart gets families reading and sharing books from a very young age.

Every child in Wales receives two Bookstart packs from their health visitor, each containing English and Welsh language books, and a booklet full of ideas for sharing books, stories and rhymes. Find out about the support we offer health visitors and early years professionals across Wales.

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Bookstart packs in Wales

With your help, children across Wales receive their Bookstart Baby and Early Years packs. Find out more about gifting the Bookstart packs…

Bookstart Superbox

Superbox resources help practitioners to run fun storytime sessions that encourage parents and carers to read and enjoy books with their children. Find out more...

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Pori Drwy Stori

An exciting universal programme

Pori Drwy Stori is the national programme for Reception-aged children in Wales, brought to you by BookTrust Cymru. It is fully bilingual and is funded by Welsh Government.

National Bookstart Week 2018 resources