The Big Welsh Rhyme Time

Over 22,000 children in schools, nurseries, libraries and early years settings from across Wales took part in the Big Welsh Rhyme Time 2020.

The Big Welsh Rhyme Time took place from Monday 10 to Friday 14 February 2020. Each year The Big Welsh Rhyme Time encourages fun and enjoyable rhyme sharing activity for children in Wales aged 0-5, in Welsh and English.

The Big Welsh Rhyme Time will be back in 2021. Until then you can use the resources below to help plan some fun activities to share rhymes and songs for the children that you work with. Or for more information email us at

Thanks to the Bookstart Denbighshire team for sharing their rhymes. You can find more on their YouTube channel.

Rhyming books in Welsh and English

To celebrate Big Welsh Rhyme Time, The Books Council of Wales have selected some of their favourite rhyming books in Welsh and English.

Download the Big Welsh Rhyme Time certificate

Well done! You took part in The Big Welsh Rhyme Time 2020.

Have fun with rhymes and songs

Nonsense words and stupid pictures

To celebrate the Big Welsh Rhyme Time, author and illustrator Huw Aaron talks about his love of nonsense rhymes.

Family favourite rhymes for The Big Welsh Rhyme Time

Our children, aged 12, 11 and 7 are enthusiastic readers. They love books from Wales - encouraged by the ones received from BookTrust Cymru’s Pori Drwy Stori programme when they were in Reception.

Listen to the rhymes

We’ve chosen some of our favourite English and Welsh rhymes that you can enjoy together anytime, anywhere!

Tips for sharing rhymes and songs

Here are some ideas about how you can enjoy sharing rhymes and songs with babies and young children.

What the experts say

Rhymes in early childhood

Nursery rhymes are a common feature of childhood. Whether chanted, read, spoken or sung - children really enjoy the rhythm and repetition.

Welsh nursery rhymes have a rich and colourful history

From 700 year old verses written by monks to pudding and pink elephants, Welsh nursery rhymes have a rich and colourful history.