Mr Vinegar 

A fun and engaging rhyming story which adds more and more Welsh language as it goes on. 

Get the Rhyme and Activity Sheets in English

Get the Rhyme and Activity Sheets in Welsh

About Tamar Eluned Williams 

Tamar Eluned Williams tells stories in Welsh and English. Her work takes her to schools, museums, and festivals around the world: she’stold stories on beaches, in forests, in festival tents and cafés, and – the strangest place so far – on the top deck of the number 45 bus in Birmingham. She’s created storytelling trails for families around the city of Cardiff, published two books for children – The Library of Life / LlyfrgellBywyd and After the Darkness / Arôl y Tywyllwch – and her first play, Huno, was staged at The Other Room in 2022. She believes that stories and storytelling should be for everyone. 

Tamar was awarded the UK Young Storyteller of the Year in 2013 and the Gwobr Esyllt Harker for a Welsh woman storyteller in 2016.

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